Vertitide Ship Management Pvt. Ltd. (RPSL-MUM-383) is a place where Ship Recruitment is made easy. As an organization, our strength sits in our ability in recruiting high-quality Seafarers, which further combines with the economic budgeting for the ship owners who seek suitable candidates for various maritime verticals.

We fulfill openings for a variety of maritime crew positions, be it offshore vessels, AHTS vessels, OSV vessels, or Main Fleet Vessels like Crude and Product Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Container Vessels,  and Bulk Carrier, and also to the numerous Far Eastern and all over the globe  Shipping companies.

The soaring demand of our stalwart clientele always keeps the ball rolling for fresh opportunities. Since Ship Recruitment is our main forte, we work as a channel to connect an appropriate candidate to the right maritime posting, as issued by the Shipping Companies or Cruise liners. And, we have been lending support to this industry for an excess of six years since our inception.

While the Shipping Company’s requirements vary, these job offers are a mix and match of both; permanent and contract-based positions, through us, covering all the disciplines like technical ship management, commercial, or marine on the high seas.

Our extensive understanding and experience in the business enable us to guide the candidate through all the formalities and extend our support to meet their desired maritime career goals. On the other hand, we make Recruitment easy for our clients as well as for Shipping Companies.

As our endeavor is to nurture the best ability for our corporate clients, we choose candidates warily. Also, for the personnel we guide them through the process; make arrangements for the mandatory training to obtain certificates that are required to enroll for maritime jobs.

To simplify Ship Recruitment we keep up with various modern-day technology trends, thus our virtual space always presents an opportunity to get in touch with us by means of an email inquiry or a phone call.