Technical Management is one of the most significant auxiliary to ship owners and shipping companies. For its grip on each day chores that are a must for a shipping company to perform efficiently. The tasks meet the management interconnected to crew, management with related tasks, operations that are related by logistics, maintenance and services on board and offshore.

Vertitide Ship Management brings you an array of Technical Management services under one umbrella. As we are broadly outfitted to accomplish brilliancy in Technical Management, we proffer a robust team of professionals to undertake the mighty duties while sailing on the high seas or anchored.

Every vessel under our study is thoroughly inspected at regular intervals by the experienced technical superintendents to make certain a careful watch on ships’ on board actions.

The experience that we carry within the industry is paired with our management skills to maintain Jack-up rigs, oil, gas tankers, containers, bulk, offshore vessels and many other specialized loads. And, all is achieved by our designed maintenance program, under the supervision of highly qualified technical managers.

All our techniques that we put into practice are based on internationally renowned Quality Management principles with 100% declaration of results, and it makes sure that the owners reap the maximum value from their assets which are fully looked after, audited and surveyed to fulfill all domestic and international legislation, and with an oath of the best prices in the market.

Our core aspiration is to maximize availability and prevent losses for our esteemed clients by means of apt usage of Information technology, well organized maintenance systems and effortless communication set ups.

Safety, competency and compliant in technical management are simply our forte. It is our guiding principle to meet the needs of ship owners, flag state and class, design, charters plus the International Safety Management Code. We at Vertitide Ship Management Private limited make every step easy, and worth every penny you spend.

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