Ship Chandeling can be synonymous with retail merchant; a trader who is a master distributor, and supplier of a variety of goods for a sailing or anchored ship. In simple terms, this ship’s store is a lifeline to any efficient ship movement.

And, here at Vertitide Shipping Management, we bring in anything and everything that a ship need. To begin with, we cater our customers with our in house manufactured Life Jackets. The quality meets the international standards with robust make which is combined with the latest technology, and at practical prices in the market.

While Ship Chandeling is a wide-ranging territory, it also has its benefits to the ship owners. For it, a ship’s crew utilizing our services, can relax, as for them all the commodities will be delivered by us. Hence no need to find stores in a distant transit town they have landed in, nor have to call for the regional exchange. Everything cared by us.

Our Ship candling array consist a wide range of stocks and commodities; starting from food, be it fresh, frozen or dry, or processed to beverages, dairy products—we will make them available for you. Besides, the machinery for ships, including deck/engine stores, valve oil gasket, crane wires, Anchor chains, metal plates, steel pipes, compressor tees and coupling, ball bearing, pressure gauge, filters, packing and joining materials, or you may ask for electric or electronic goods such as cargo light, hand lamps, warning lights, testing instruments, electric switches, or safety equipments like lifeboats, rescue boats, gas detectors, etc., or gases and lube oils, or vital medicines to complete your first aid needs, or be it any particular demand that need to be accomplished.

Simply call us, or leave us an online enquiry.

Experience that we acquire with the maritime industry helps us serve customers better. And, all is a mark distinction for us—the elevated level of professionalism in this service by means of a superlative management system of fulfillment.  With this we have earned a soaring reputation in the international market, and tied bond with many ship owners, shipping companies for the long term business relation.