Tankers that hauls oil either on a large scale—crude oil from the place of extraction to refineries, or whether in a moderate quantity—refined oil products from processing plants to destination points near markets are taken care by the dedicated force of staff; that works hard to run the operations smoothly.

Our major ties with the eminent shipping co-operations, who deal in product tanker as well as crude oil tanker all over the globe, allow us to proffer a platform to personnel to make the most of their abilities, experience and skills on deck.

Safety is a matter of concern while on board to every candidate, but on Tanker ships the highest safety standards are followed compare to dry ships; thereby seafarers have an assurance of safer working milieu, and peace of mind with sound earnings.

Saving is another reason to work on Tanker ship. On comparing the seafarer’s contract against a container ship to a tanker ship, you’ll find that the crew working a container ship often exposed to ports and thus elevates the spending of money.

Moreover, as a responsible recruiter we guide you find an appropriate position on Tanker ship. We can simply proceed with your application to the employer, make arrangements to train yourself comprehensively, and above all help you get hold of all the major credential required to sign up for the job.

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