The international profession while on a Container ship is your dream? Then, Vertitide Shipping Management Private Limited is the right place for you.

Container ships play an integral part in present global economy, serving businesses haul goods on the main waterways right through the world. The abiding development of the international business is situating demand of the world’s container flotilla and its seafarers. Most of jobs on board container vessels are physically challenging and call for personnel to linger at sea for extended tenures, but entry-level seafarers are paid handsomely, also have plenty of prospects for advancement, and travelling to many renowned cities across the world is like the cherry on the cake.

While today’s maritime job market cram with utmost competition, we at Vertitide help Shipping Companies hire the qualified and skilled candidates for key position as per their needs. The yardstick for selecting personnel for positions is his/his educational background, experience, adaptability, skills, etc. Then, we associate candidates for the right position as per his/her expertise.

Our array of Container job openings has a variety of positions such as captain, chief officer, second officer, chief engineer, first, second, and third engineer, trainee engineer, electrical engineer, chief mechanic, mechanic,  motorman, oiler, fitter, wiper, engine utility man, chief mate, second & third officer, safety officer, firemen, security officer, security personnel and many others.

Here at Vertitide, we guide every candidate through all the formalities and see to that he/she clears all formal training mandatory to acquire a job on board.

Working on Container ships can be demanding and ask for mental strength for the long stay on vast seas.  For it, we also make arrangements for applicants to train themselves by completing appropriate courses that help them for the advancement in their dazzling careers ahead along with personal growth.

And, to make your journey trouble-free, you can always get in touch with our avid team of professionals, who is experienced within the industry, and always ready to help you overcome the dilemma of any type to accomplish a successful maritime career.