Bulk Carrier—the name comprehends itself. It is also a synonym to bulk freighter or bulker; a merchant ship, particularly built to carry unpacked bulk cargo across the international borders.

In present time, about 15-17% of the world’s merchant fleet is covered by bulkers, including all different sizes ranging from single-hold-mini-bulker to massive ore ships, to commence the operations on-board or at port, these sailing colossal calls for eminent workforce to carry day-to-day actions efficiently.

And, here at Vertitide Shipping Management Private Limited we play a vital role. We bridge super candidates to the major ship owners as per their custom requirement. Also, we craft a trouble-free pathway for personnel to achieve their desired career goals at the Bulk Carrier ships.

First and foremost, our swift course of action is to guide the candidates to overcome the wearying national and international formalities that are vital for any on broad venture.

Then, we see that the applicants possess the appropriate training for sailing. However, if they fall short for these important trainings, we also help them to acquire the suitable qualification as per their position requirements to enroll for their job at Bulk Carrier ship.

Our long and robust business association with top players in the industry always keeps the wheel rolling to churn out fresh openings.  As this part of the business offers a varied list of positions, with us you can apply for jobs such as chief officer, 2nd officer, 3rd officer, able seamen, ord.seamen , chief steward, chief cook, steward’s assistant, chief engineer, 1st assistant engineer, 2nd assistant engineer, 3rd assistant engineer, oiler, fitter, grease/s, entry-level any other customize crew position required by the owner of bulk carrier.

We conceit ourselves in our people who work closely with the candidates; it is a team of passionate individuals, who are well-experienced within the business and extend their support in every stage of your application for bulk carrier jobs.

At Vertitide we make things happen for every aspiring candidate who wishes to pursue the glorious career in the maritime industry.

To know more simply call us, or help us with your contact details and queries by email enquiry.