The account of Offshore conscription dates back to the pre-technology era of the nineteenth century—the eighth decade to be precise; at around 1981. The time when the first drilling was carried out to lay submerged oil wells, it was done from platforms build on the heaps, in the fresh waters in a state of the USA—Grand Lake St.Marys.

With the time the sector has grown from strength to strength, and called for the fresh and experience bunch of professionals to perform appropriate tasks at Offshore stations. And, it’s just that what we do at Vertitide.

Our role as a recruiter defines us as a prominent bridge to the employer and employee. We provide a wide range of suitable candidates to diverse positions offered by our clientele. It could be any place as per the industry’s requirement; a marine, drilling, maintenance, or rig jobs—Offshore.  These various working opportunities act as magnet for different conditions: including bond, permanent, temporary and interim.

Vertitide Shipping Management has strong ties with the leading co-operations that deal with domain of   natural gas plants, and top companies in energy market operating worldwide on several different levels. To earn excellent roles with these firms, the candidate should seize fine qualification, and passable experience.

We employ positions at all ranks, as well as, but rebuff restricted to managers, planners, co-ordinators, supervisors, health and safety inspectors, document coordinators, platers, welders , pipefitters and many similar postings.

Since our motto is to deliver high proficiency candidates, it’s all due to our dedicated team of experts, who toils hard to create a bench with the very best personnel.  They bring in all their skills in selecting and positioning of the employees.

Offshore assignments confront and moving vocation selections with a numerous breaks to travel. Sounds like your forte? To know more, you can simply select the option of email enquiry for listings of roles that we proffer, or interact with us by a call.

We will take you through the formalities, guide you, and help you train yourself to your career goals—we are Vertitide.